May 16, 2022
Perfect Pieces


photo by Corbin Gurkin

Today, we wanted to share some easy basic guidelines on what you need on your bridal registry. There are many options out there, and luckily a wealth of information on what to register for and where. Here is a mere overview along with clickable shopping suggestions…


Glassware is a biggie! Depending on your kitchen or storage space, start with the basics- rocks & highboys. You can use both of these for everyday water type glasses, but also for serving cocktails while entertaining. Another basic that is somewhat overlooked is a coffee service. Of course that collection of mugs gathered over the years is fine for your favorite morning brew, but if you forsee hosting guests for any number of reasons over the years, a lovely coffee service set is a must. You can either do something neutral that works for any event, or ones that match your china set (which is nice if you like to serve coffee after dinner).


photos by Corbin Gurkin

Don’t forget your champagne glasses- if room allows, a set of 10-12 is great. It allows enough for a good basis for entertaining, but remember it’s likely that a couple may break over time, so if they are very special ones, you may want to go up on that. There are so many options these days, are you a coupe or a flute person? My favorite universal wine glasses are here



photos by Corbin Gurkin

China is such a broad subject it can overwhelming and hard to drill down on.. Many of our brides tend to inherit a set from a family member which can be used anywhere from everyday to holiday table settings. If you have an intricate or busy pattern that can be used on special occasions you can still register for a more neutral set to be used for everyday or to mix and match with the special set. It seems as if with busy careers and lives most newly married couples don’t find themselves sitting down to a formal dinner every night, so even if you eat on the couch with dinner in your lap on lovely plates it can still seem special!


There are many miscellaneous items that you should keep in mind and if you don’t have lots of storage space, keep in mind that many can be used in a slew of different ways.. A large salad bowl can double as a punch bowl when hosting a get together or trifle like desserts. A cake stand not only holds birthday cakes (even store bought ones like homemade on a cake stand), but baked brie, quiches, or small bites if hosting a buffet/cocktail party type event.


I am a collector of napkins and linens – keep in mind a different array- linen dinner napkins, linen or cotton cocktail napkins, and a set to be used for holiday or special dinner entertaining. Monogramming can also be a way to give linens a special touch.


Bed linens… personal style is a huge factor here! But, I would say a minimum place to start would be three sets. One nice set for your bed, one more basic for laundry time, and a nice set for your guest bed. Of course more sets are needed but you can usually find deals at many of the popular discount outlets like Tuesday Morning and Marshall’s…

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