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photo by Liz Banfield

Bouquets and flowers are the one thing that many brides spend months or even years thinking about, researching, and pinning. I absolutely love creating the perfect bouquet for my bride’s on their wedding day… after getting to know them personally, what their style is, and then crafting something they will love to carry on their wedding day. I still do all of my bride’s bouquets myself. And, I’m really into versions of romantic cascading versions right now, like the one above with wild peonies, roses, orchids, and greenery.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

This lush mixture is contained enough to not be considered bohemian wild, but has enough texture to make a glamorous statement. The combination of lilac, orchids, roses, tulips, and hellebores offered a grand statement. Lilac often means “love’s first emotion”, and orchids have meaning associated with love and beauty, words synonomous with a wedding.

photo by Liz Banfield

I do love that there is a trend pushing bouquets slightly away from tight rounded balls…. Even a more traditional rounded bouquet gets some airiness and movement here… we incorporated fern fronds, and lily of the valley leaves to fill out garden roses, phalenopsis orchids, and hellebores…

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Flowers in the same tone but in varying sizes create a luxurious feel and fuzzy lambs ear add a hint of “grey green” a color we are still getting requests for.. And, one of my other favorite custom notes I like to surprise my brides with is vintage ribbon I source for them based on their design and color palette.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

One of my most favorite bouquets and so simple – just a perfect bunch of lily of the valley. Lilly of the valley is said to mean happiness… What better sentiment is to be said on the day you are getting married?

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Calla lilies mean “magnificant beauty” and definitely have a history with brides looking for a more traditional feel, which of course, roses do too. Pink roses more specifically give a nod to grace and elegance, so paired together, they pretty much are the meaning of “bride”…. Plus we like bringing in a little color for our ladies.

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Aug 15, 2017


photo by Corbin Gurkin

One of the easiest and most affordable places to put a personal touch on your wedding day is with your bridal bouquet.  Today, we are sharing ways we customize our bride’s bouquets that you can take away.  When I’m in New York, there are tons of great ribbon shops around our office and I love finding pretty pieces to use for my brides. You can source these in many other places though too, etsy, websites, and even antique stores.


photo by Liz Banfield

Another way to add sweet details to your bouquet, and also bring in tradition is by adding family pieces. We tied this bride’s grandmother’s engagement ring around the stem wrap, and a family embroidered handkerchief wrapped around the stems added a traditional look.


photo by Liz Banfield

For this pink and green wedding, we used lots of pattern. Luckily, we found a great fabric that we used throughout the design… we made linens with the fabric as the toppers, covered the bar with it, and also used it to wrap the bouquet for a super custom touch.


photo by Adrienne Page

If you want to go with a simple ribbon for your bouquet, see if you can have initials embroidered on it at a local embroiderer. This is a great way to incorporate a “something blue” and it’s something you could keep and pass down as well.


photo by Liz Banfield 

Many of our brides have pieces from family members, either who are no longer with them, or can’t be there, or are just being passed down because of the occasion. I love the idea of pinning them onto the bouquets as an added personalization piece.

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