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photos by Gayle Brooker

I’m so thrilled to introduce three of my favorite “bespoke” companies or makers with you today. Especially if you have an upcoming wedding, these are definitely new and interesting pieces you could have for your big day. First up is Mariee Lace Veils.  Fellow Southerners, they import hand crafted lace veils directly from Belgium.  They are known for their handcrafted “Princess” lace, a tradition that started with the Royal family using in their clothing and accessories and became collectible heirlooms after being handed down for many generations. The owner of Mariee has been the fourth bride in modern times to wear their family’s veils. I love this heirloom idea!  And society brides like Alexis Brinkley have made these veils a part of their wedding day.

They also import handmade hankies of the same lace.  This lily of the valley is so amazing.. How fabulous would it be to carry while carrying a bouquet of lily of the valley. This is also something I could see being amazing shower hostess gifts, or also bridesmaids gifts. So perfect especially if not all of the girls are married yet and they are getting something they will be able to incorporate into their future wedding day.

And, they have now started selling prints of the owner’s botanical water color paintings (and look for her new book on these due out in this fall) based on her travels and love for gardening. How perfect it would be to have one to match the wedding day bouquet and have guests sign a matted version (in lieu of a guest book) to then hang at home. Next, I’d like to introduce Hallie Seibels Portraiture Consultant. Hallie works with you to find one of her many artists that fits your style and personality. And, she manages the process for you from start to finish. All of the costs, deadlines, and communications.  I have used her for the portraits of all three of my children, but she also represents many bridal portrait artists. I just absolutely love the idea of a hand painted portrait of a bride.. such a southern tradition, and something that you can look back on to remember that day.

Finally, artist Chloe Strickland .  We have had Chloe at a couple of our recent weddings painting scenes like the most recent, first dance, and also the bride and groom at dinner. While I know this isn’t a new thing, but I’m loving the trend of weddings being more personal and meaningful, and this would be a great way to create something unforgettable from your wedding day. I’d rather splurge here and have a lovely piece of artwork for my home for later than on two dresses, or an after party!

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I know we have been seeing a popular resurgence in silhouettes for awhile now, but what I love about Patti Rishforth is what she is doing to come up with new and fun ways to do them. Patti also does amazing pencil sketches of children, animals, etc. We’ve had Patti on site for several of our events doing them live as a take away for guests.  And I just love story of how she got started…


“I was doing pencil portraits at children’s boutiques (live sittings in 45 minutes) before I knew I could do silhouettes. The owner of one boutique I frequented the most kept asking me to do silhouettes and I kept saying I didn’t know how. She kept insisting that if I could do portraits, I’d surely be able to do a silhouette and that she could fill the day with even more appointments. So I got some crisp paper and sharp scissors and practiced on my husband and 2 year old son. After doing 4 or 5, suddenly, it clicked! Like that moment when you finally learn how to use your two hands to play different notes on a piano instead of mirroring each other. It all just clicked into place and I knew I could do it! So I did more of my nephew and nieces and took them to show the shop owner expecting her to say, well, keep working on it and one day we will have a silhouette event. But she immediately chose a Saturday only 4 weeks away for me to do silhouettes. When I showed up that day, the line was out the door! I’ve been doing them ever since.”






“One thing I’m also doing a lot of now that stands out with people are the family themes where I hand cut siblings or grandchildren playing together. I make sure each child is proportionate to their siblings or cousins so that it can remind the parent (or whomever) of that time period when they were all little enough to play with each other before that moment is gone so fast. I do a lot of these family themes as a “Family Train” so they can all be tied together in a fun way that works well for a strong design.”




Great idea for favors at a wedding or a birthday party-



And she is now offering customizable canvas wall prints through online boutique Oopsy Daisy.


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