Summer Blooms

photo by Sylvie Gil

So, you may not be having the same wedding you envisioned this summer. But, chances are if you are having even a scaled down version, you will still have flowers. And why not make them as lovely as possible? Here are some of our favorite summertime floral designs. As a bride, you can never go wrong with all white. Make it lush with seasonal blooms (white peonies are at their height right now), and we like to add a bit of mix matched greenery. And, one of our signatures that always looks fab in photos, are the vintage ribbons wrapping the bouquet.

photo by Anne Rhett

If your wedding is at the peak of heat, more greenery than blooms can also be beautiful and will hold up longer in higher temps.

photos by Liz Banfield, Corbin Gurkin, Jose Villa

What we are seeing for bridal bouquets are all across the board. From wild and ethereal, to your traditional rounded look, to the sweetest traditional posey of lily of the valley.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Don’t be afraid of texture. This will also help in warmer months. Branchier or items with hearty stems are great to consider during the summer. And for grooms, something like thistle adds color, and are virtually weather proof.

photo by Corbin Gurkin
photos by Corbin Gurkin

And, we love the chance to step out of the ordinary and use bold colors. This bold palette ran from bridal pink to the boldest poppy. For weddings with fewer guests, you may have the ability to splurge on decor areas that will leave a big impression. For this live floral bar, ombre sections were alternated with lush greens to help keep costs at bay, but offered a design moment guests would’nt soon forget.