Backyard Beauty

If you have been following us for a while, you know how much we love a home wedding. This one is no exception, except that it’s the second one we have done at this home. I think it’s incredibly special that both sister of this family have been able to wed at their family home. And, of course that we were able to work with both of them. Caroline and Baker were married in Augusta, Ga and welcomed quite a large crowd (this was of course several years ago), so we really had our work cut out for us in maximizing the space. Thank you to Corbin Gurkin for the lovely images.

This idea is so sweet, I would love everyone to take it and use it. Our bride had a sweet sentiment embroidered on a handkerchief that she gifted her father on the wedding day.

These fall florals are far from the expected. Dahlias are SO perfect towards the end of September and early October, but using paler versions of them add a lightness to the deep blue color palette. Consider other seasonal blooms like anenomes, thistle, (a perfect tool for “blue” weddings), and texturizing berries for example.

Lettered Olive created a luxurious yet traditional invitation suite, perfect for this bride. Instead of black ink, navy is a great alternative, especially on our imported Italian paper. The save the date features a watercolor rendering of the family home. In the guest bags, every detail from the water bottles, to the treat packaging is personalized.

The couple chose the church the bride grew up attending for the traditional ceremony. We installed this lush floral arch on the cathedral doors. The church loved it so much, they asked if we could leave it up for them!

With home weddings, we like them to be as gracious and welcoming as possible. As guests arrive to the reception, they are greeted by servers with cocktails, which also helps alleviate a mass attack on the bars. And, we love creating aprons, or bow ties, or these days masks that also serve as an added detail.

The mother of the bride is a long time gardener, so that was part of our design inspiration. So, as guests meander throughout the reception, it’s as if they are wandering through the garden. For example, large floral urns anchor the bars, and table under trees with hanging lanterns provide al fresco seating.

One of my tips for home weddings is to always use what you have. Here, the guest house transforms into a garden observatory for the cake. Since the guest house is furnished, instead of removing all of the pieces, let’s reposition them for our use! Cake by Jim Smeal.

A garden cistern house is one of my favorite features on this property. So, we want to highlight it. Two food stations are positioned here, which also helps to spread the party out. And, how stunning is the walk to it? Also, keeping in line with the look, it’s beautifully full of florals.

Also, a couple getting to take the time to explore the reception and details is one of the reasons I’m still doing this. I hope everyone remembers to literally “stop and smell the roses”.

In addition to the food stations, passing hors d’oeuvres can also create a nice flow, and less back up. And, for our stations, we love to use speciality plates, and have chefs pre-plate the dishes. It’s all about the presentation. Lettered Olive’s signage is always more than basic. These Agate slabs with gold ink are stunning! Cru Catering always knocks it out of the park for us.

Because, the dance floor also needs to be a focal point, this live installation is hung above to counteract the feeling of being under a tent.

As guests continue to party throughout the evening, late night food is a must. Here, individual milkshakes are a perfect refreshment after working up a sweat on the dance floor. And, we love an old Southern wedding tradition. Like the one that if you put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow you will dream of who you will marry, for example. So, leftover cake is available in custom wax bags for take home.

It happens at every wedding, time for the night to end. Here, our couple departs by sparkler send off. Then, a convertible featuring floral swags and a custom Lettered Olive sign sweeps them away for the night.