Behind the Scenes

photo by Sylvie Gil

We have had tons of requests to see what our wedding world truly looks like behind the scenes. Of course, the perfect and pretty details are what we are known for, but there is always a bit of chaos behind the scenes. Since I started planning weddings a very long time ago, it was just the planning and the design elements. Soiree has evolved now into doing the entire production, full floral design, and even the graphic design and printing. I have found that is the very best way we can offer our clients a truly custom experience. I sometimes even become the cake decorator!

photos by Liz Banfield

My “boy” team has changed my life, and is one of the reasons I sleep at night on wedding weekends. As former firemen or theater fly men, they really handle the heavy lifting for us. And, I know that everything is SAFE! They do all of our draping, building and carpentry, and lighting. We even have them up on ladders doing floral stuff sometimes!

photos by Lauren Jonas

This beach party on a remote island was only accessible via boat. What we could take with us was very limited. So, you know what that means? I’m collecting actual beach items there! Shells and driftwood were found once were there, and used to decorate the tables. And, of course, it still manages to come together into a super chic soiree.

photo on right- Liz Banfield

I love having new people come work with us, or bringing interns on to show them really what goes into putting together a pretty party. I doubt any of them imagin carrying seagrass sofas in 90 degree weather, for example. Or, unstuffing bags and bags of pillows. How about unloading multiple trucks worth of decor items, tools, flowers, etc? But, in the end, every single one of them is always amazed at how it comes together.

photos by Velvet Raptor

These floral chandelier boxes, and cake backdrop start off as buckets and buckets. This is a great way for people who may not have a strong floral background to jump right in.

Here, you have the real beauty behind the scenes. Sometimes you can’t reach that one spot perfect for a lantern, so it’s getting on someone’s shoulders. When we are doing a small party, for example, you may have to borrow a friends truck to load it up. Sometimes, it’s carrying more than a simple load. And, did you know that whenever we are working with a new catering or bar company, we bring in our trainer? We have a local girl who has worked with us for years, and knows our expectations. So, we take her with us to run through exactly how service should go. It takes all of those simple little elements to come together into one amazing event.

And, I’m still there doing it all too! I’m climbing into trees to hang lights when needed. Or, for a photo shoot if your umbrella isn’t cooperating, you rig it to seem perfect. Or, you are throwing on a different apron and becoming a server. The bottom line is that we love to make our clients happy. And, that almost always means doing whatever it takes, and having a team that knows how to do that. I’m so thankful for my “Soirettes”, and even though the work is back breaking, the reward is sweet.