Food Style

photo by Liz Banfield

Clients are always interested in how to look at food serving and displays in new and different ways. So, we’re sharing some ways we style food or incorporate] it into the decor. For example, at this wedding with stations and over 400 guests, we had to make the food accessible and but still interesting. A garden fountain from a hardware store is sealed and treated it with food safe materials. And then turned into a cocktail shrimp focal point.

photos by Corbin Gurkin and  Liz Banfield

We find cocktail hour and passed hors d’eouvres an easy place to get creative. Of course, the trays you use can be customized. You’ve heard us talk about printing paper liners to fit your look, for example. But, ask your caterer about different ways to present the food. Here, mini tacos are served in lime wedges that can also be used to squeeze atop the taco for a bit of extra flavor. Next, chicken and waffles are much more elegant in mini waffle cones. And, ceviche in scallop shells makes such a pretty presentation.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

One of the biggest parts of my job, is to make sure that guests have a fun and seamless experience. So, for receptions where the guests aren’t served a plated dinner, finding easy and creative ways to serve the food is important. Here, shot glasses are pre filled with hummus and veggies for a quick pick up option.

photos by Nickie Stone and Corbin Gurkin 
photos by LizBanfield

A hugely popular trend right now is cheese and charcuterie boards.   We have been using different pieces of furniture to create displays, which works well at self serve functions. Also, we built tall lucite tables with butcher block tops for some cocktail hour anti pasta displays. I love how guests can access them from all angles.  And, we have a marble topped push cart that we use often for serving late night around the dance floor. Doing a classic glamorous cheese cart after dinner is one of my favorite things to do!

photo by Gayle Brooker

For this recent fall wedding, a bountiful cheese plate is offered as the first course. I don’t usually prefer that guests sit down to pre plated food. But, with these cloches, they are part of a beautiful presentation.

photos by Tec Petaja

I love this new twist on the classic celebration food, caviar. At this cocktail hour, a beautiful self serve station including all varieties of accompaniments is an impressive detail. And, it even includes chilled vodka.

Sometimes, just using food in an unexpected way makes a big impact. For a bride whose father’s business included growing watermelons, an ice sculpture features slices in ice for a pop of color on a seafood display.

photos by Tec Petaja and Corbin Gurkin

Speaking of seafood displays, oysters are a long standing wedding food. Especially in Charleston, when we can get local ones. They are a challenging food to serve. Not only because you have to find a nice way to present them, but to also deal with the shells. Our wooden oyster tables that allow us to serve the oysters on the half shell over crushed ice. And, the caterer can easily replace with new ones. Of course, don’t forget the mini tabasco bottles and lemon wedges. Catering here by Cru Catering.

photo by Liz Banfield

Want pies instead of traditional wedding cake? Individual pies including an array of flavors are set on tiered stands. Even with custom printed flavor flags!

photo by Virgil Bunao

At another wedding, a self serve champagne station with different mixers and embellishments, allows guests to get creative with flavors. So, a rented bakers rack makes for a pretty buffet set up. If guests are serving themselves, better make it fun, right?