Petite Sweets

photo by Anne Rhett Photography; cake by Jim Smeal

It’s no doubt that Covid has sparked numerous wedding trends. One that we are big fans of, are smaller cakes and treats. Don’t worry, we definitely still have our clients that want the big traditional statement piece, but it’s nice to see something sweet making a little mark.

These tiny cakes are still big on design, though. Smaller doesn’t mean they don’t deliver on decor. Cake by Jessica Grossman with Patrick Properties Hospitality Group.

photo by Liz Banfield

Even if the wedding numbers reach triple digits, a small cake could still be the way to go. With just enough to go around, it’s a case of want not, waste not. Cake by family friend.

photo by Corbin Gurkin 

And, if cake isn’t your thing, but like the ceremony around it, consider making it a centerpiece of a dessert “bar”.  Wedding cake by Publix, smaller cakes by Caroline’s Cakes, and pies from Kudzu Bakery.

photo by Liz Banfield

And, not to worry if you are moving forward with the wedding of your dreams, and have to feed many. For this wedding with several hundred guests in attendance, several differing sizes work together for an interesting display. Cake by Jim Smeal.

photos by Liz Banfield

Also, our individual cakes are always a big hit. Once, a display of mini cakes, turns into a design focal point at this reception. The cakes are pre plated, so guests grab and go. And, they work really well at small get togethers such as baby showers. Both cake features by Jim Smeal.

photos by A Bryan Photo. Cake by Pastry Art.

Plus, they are just so darn pretty, aren’t they?