Happy Mother’s Day

photo by Aaron and Jilian

We are so lucky to work with some of the best brides in the world. But, we all know that really our clients are often the mothers of the bride (and sometimes the groom). And, we bond just as much with our mother clients. So, happy Mother’s day to all of the MOB’s, MOG’s, step mothers, grand mothers, god mothers, aunts, and the mothers no longer with us.

photo by KT Merry

Sometimes, the brides are the mothers. So, we love including the kiddos in the big day.

photo by Liz Banfield

And, more and more, we are lucky enough to have some repeat mothers. We loved working with Maria on both her daughter and her son’s weddings, for example.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

This is also the second wedding we have collaborated on with this MOB, with two totally differing events. One, a waterside soiree in Charleston. Another, an urban winter wedding in Chicago.

photo by Anne Rhett

And, for this family originally set to marry right as Covid hit, we switched gears and did a micro wedding just for immediate family. And, now, we will get to celebrate with their original plans very soon.

photo by Gayle Brooker
photo by Aaron and Jilian