National Dessert Day

photo by Corbin Gurkin

I couldn’t think of a better to celebrate my sweet tooth without gaining any weight, other than by sharing our favorite desserts. No clue who decides these, but today is National Dessert Day. And, since many of our clients don’t want to just serve traditional wedding cakes, we are sharing some of our favorite dessert ideas. As you may guess, macaroons are a long time wedding favorite. Here, a collection of antique plates is a perfect decor moment for a simple dessert display.

photo by Liz Banfield; pies from Jim Smeal

This display has long been one of our most seen and requested. Here, individual pies are displayed on tirered stands. And, custom flavor flags add something different than your standard signage.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Another popular dessert item? Donuts! This couple spent lots of time in New Orleans, so beignets and iced coffee are a must! Wooden skewers kept bite sized beignets in place, and add a custom detail.

photo by Ryan Ray

And, who can forget Krispy Kreme when it comes to donuts? For a family who are big fans, we set up a little “coffee shop” in a corner of their reception. A bartender served coffee on demand, and the donuts were displayed and served from shadow box countertops.

photos by Anne Rhett

Another long time crowd pleaser is ice cream. In the South it’s almost a standard, of course. So, for a 100th birthday celebration, we decided to have fun and serve out of a Sorbet cart. With a pretty umbrella and floral display, it’s almost like a real French street vendor!

photo by Liz Banfield

Another fun way to serve ice cream is in sandwich form. Here, mini ice cream cookies sandwiches are passed on a warm evening. And, by adding a skewer, guests can safely grab and go.

photo by Liz Banfield
photos by Liz Banfield

Also, with Fall entertaining season on us, and Covid still a concern, here is a great idea for any hosting you may be doing. By offering many different self contained individual desserts with easy serving for guests, you can satisfy all palettes.

photo by Anne Rhett

Finally, this is my personal favorite. Truly good quality dark chocolate, my weakness. You know how much we love packaging, so we created custom wrappers for our client and these for guests to grab as they left. You could do something like this in a wedding welcome bag, as favors at a holiday party, or as surcies or little gifts for teachers, friends, etc. Let us know what desserts you will be enjoying today!