Celebrating the Holidays

We are mourning the loss of the big company Christmas or Holiday party this year. So, this week we are going to share some pretty shots from parties past, and maybe a few details to use for a smaller get together if you should so choose. Thank you to Marni Rothschild for these pretty photos.

We are always looking at new takes on traditional pieces. I love mixing all types of materials and greenery in pieces like wreaths and garlands. Many people may forgo fresh flowers during the season, but, I think that’s a mistake.

Once outside, party guests get to enjoy the sparkle of the season. Twinkle lights create a starry sky in a clear top tent. Of course, live trees with lights are also necessary. And, we developed a holiday color palette that is a step away from the obvious. You get a feel for red and green, but in deep burgundy ombres.

This could be such a sweet centerpiece or side table design piece to replicate. Break out all of those silver or crystal pieces that get to shine this time of year. Bowls or vessels filled with pomegranates and pine are so simple yet sophisticated. Others that would be just as perfect are oranges or tangerines, pears, or for a more rustic look walnuts in their shells.

Champagne is a staple of the season, of course. But adorned with a Soiree signature orchid, it’s festive and not boring.

The food is many people’s favorite part of the season. For this party, we worked with Cru Catering and it was quite a spread. An open faced cucumber sandwich can be turned into Christmas trees. Soups aren’t off the table when served in individual espresso cups. And, this is oyster season in the South, so we are serving them every chance we get.

Another decor idea is to illuminate as much as possible. We rented several smaller trees and covered them in lights, no long term commitment, but lots of holiday cheer!