What’s New in 2022

photo by KT Merry

As we are starting to plan and design our 2022 weddings, it brings to attention many of the “trends” that will be seen in weddings this year. So, if you are in planning mode, maybe these will give you some thoughts. One big trend we began seeing in the last year or two is how involved our grooms are. It’s not just the brides or mothers of the brides anymore. The grooms are involved in every aspect of the planning and design now also.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

While we have seen personalized details for quite a while now, they are the main design focus for many of our clients now. Every detail that can be traced back to the clients, their families, where they live or grew up, a family business, or heritage is now brought in thru so many details. For example, this year we have a Greek groom, and the entire cocktail hour will feature Greek food and drinks.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Family details, and memories are big. Here, this couple wanted to honor a grandfather. And, since he was a huge cigar aficionado, we had a live cigar roller and matches printed with his image. The table displaying the cigars had a clear top featuring tons of printed photos from the groom’s past and the Grandfather. We also printed old family photos on the cocktail napkins passed with late night foods.

photos (clockwise) by Corbin Gurkin, Tec Petaja, KT Merry, Liz Banfield

A focus of food and wine, and service may not be “new” for 2022, but it’s HUGE for 2022. Above design and florals, for example. Clients are wanting specific wine pairings with food. And, details included in the food elements where possible. Consider it like dining in a favorite restaurant. Think exquisite champagne, favorite Rose brands, and cocktails like espresso martinis.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

But, we of course want to make these details special and include them in the design.

photo by Ryan Ray

Also, we are seeing clients wanting to give their guests an entire weekend experience. Welcome to Town Thursday evening parties are big. And, clients are wanting themes for these. A beach party, or bourbon tasting, or even a Chinese New Year theme are just examples of what we are doing.

photo by Liz Banfield

Clients are electing to have a rehearsal party including everyone over a small intimate rehearsal dinner. Another expense clients are taking on and giving up somewhere else, is the accommodations. Where it’s possible, clients want as many guests in the same place as possible. So, this may mean buying out hotels and properties, for example.

photos by Liz Banfield

And, dang it, that weekend better be fun. A focus on getting FUN bands or musicians is huge. This bride had such a great time dancing, she ended up crowd surfing. That dance floor better be packed the entire time. And, of course, our Soiree signatures are dance floor flair and flip flops that you can find by the dance floor.

photo by Liz Banfield

It’s all in the little details also. Vintage vehicles, live ensembles during dinners, and even little cameras for guests to become photographers are all details that are consistent requests. Happy planning in 2022!