Green With Envy

photo by Ryan Ray

If we haven’t told you enough before, one of our all time favorite colors for weddings is GREEN. Today, we are making our case. And, you can use it in so many places throughout the wedding design and details. For example, green can be such a fun color for paper products. It works for your traditional looks as well as something fun and unexpected.

photo 1, 3 by Corbin Gurkin photo 2,4 by Ryan Ray

You know our place to shine is in all of the little details. We are always looking for fabrics, patterns, containers, lighting, that will bring something interesting to the look. One of our strongest cases for green is how easily the different shades work together to add depth to the design. And, how you can blend different shades with other color families.

photo by Norman and Blake

For this design, green velvet upholstered love seats are fun and different seating options in the dining room.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Here, how cute are the matching green pj’s for the girls to wear while getting ready on the day of?

photos by Corbin Gurkin

We even find ways to use green in food settings. A fresh spring pea soup is part of a pretty wedding palette. And, white sugar flowers pop off of a lovely pale green background.

As far as we are concerned, green is the greatest!