Friday Al Fresco

A summertime soiree, outside under the stars, with your closest friends and family, doesn’t get much better than that. Here is the sweetest marsh side rehearsal dinner for our Sea Island couple, just celebrating their one year anniversary! Liz Banfield captured all photos for us.

The save the dates by Lettered Olive were the perfect place to bring in the beach side elements. Maybe not as formal as the invitations of course, but still fun. And, the weekend party packs guests receive after the invitations give everyone a sense of what the whole weekend experience will be like.

Seating cards are sand dollars with each guests’ name and table number.

Woven seagrass chargers, cibatta loaves wrapped in vellum menus, and tied off with jute and a seashell are sweet and simple details for an al fresco dinner.

Of course, personalized details are also important. So, the monogram created by Lettered Olive appears on custom cups for the specialty drinks, and as edible wafers on the family style desserts.

We love Friday night parties because it’s a great place to really set the tone of the weekend. The couple is often seeing everyone for the first time, and guests are reuniting. It’s always the happiest tone. And, what we love best, is by offering a welcome party and including everyone, this gives you a chance to really enjoy the wedding. Because, you aren’t chasing everyone down to say thank you for coming!

So, even if you prefer a smaller group for the actual rehearsal dinner, you can include everyone afterwards. We often do an intimate rehearsal dinner followed by a “welcome party” inviting everyone to come and join for other late night foods, or desserts and cocktails. You can do this in the same spot should space allow or a new location.