What’s “In” in Design for 2023

We just returned from Paris, where we attended the Maison et Object show. Scouting for new items for our events, sourcing for clients, and just looking for new inspiration. There we some definite trends that we saw, and many we are a fan of!

Wild and natural lights are everywhere! Lots of fun pendants great to fill up and add texture to larger spaces. And, lots and lots of lamps- tabletop and floor styles, many with woven bases and shades.

Another one of our MOST favorite design items– live plant, moss, and floral walls. Lush and full and a perfect backdrop for anything. We have been doing versions of this trend for years, so call us trendsetters!

Colored glass… colored was everywhere. And, in pretty hues. Love!

Definitely much more easily translated into a home environment than events are “found objects”. But, definitely thinking of ways to do a bar front, or backdrop somewhere with a cluster of vintage or collected items, so stay tuned.

FInally, another big trend that was everywhere (which could be a good or bad thing) was white boucle fabric. Very chic here on these bar stools, and would love to use at an event. But, would red wine come out???? mmmmmm…