Welcome to the Weekend

Today, we are heading to the Hudson Valley for a cheerful welcome party. Lindsay and Brandon welcomed guests to a wedding weekend at Troutbeck, and we designed a vibrant celebration that started with cocktails on the lawn and dinner in the stables. All photos from KT Merry.

Of course, guests get excited the moment they receive the custom Lettered Olive invitation design in the mail.

The party begins with guests mingling on the front yard of this special property.

One of our absolute favorite vendors to work with in the area is Heirloom Fire catering. It’s just good food with them, it’s also a show, a whole look.

A beautiful and bountiful charcuterie table makes for an amazing conversational centerpiece.

I love that the guests can watch as the food is prepared, and it’s always beautiful.

During cocktail hour, guests also got their “pretty pot” escort card for dinner.

We found a fabric we loved and made panels as a backdrop to make the more industrial space feel more like a room. Mixed with terracotta velvet linens, and pretty fresh blooms, the room is bright and beautiful.

Lettered Olive printed the menus on linen fringed napkins for a fun detail.

The first course is brought out on boards as part of an interactive centerpiece for guests.

Toasting is always the best part of the rehearsal dinner, in our opinion.

Afterwards guest move outside for more fun, dancing, and roasting marshmallows. A perfect weekend evening in the Hudson Valley.