Beautifully Built Bars

Ryan Ray Photography

One of the design elements we are most known for are our bars.  I’ve preached for years that a bar makes the party. So, it must be big enough to accommodate lots of bartenders (no lines). And, easy to get to, sleek, and clean on top. Don’t display those beer bottles and plastic straws, for example. It must also look amazing.  And, having the glassware neatly organized and displayed is must. We typically like to add some lower lighting through lamps, lanterns, candles, etc. For the cocktail hour bar above, custom printed fabric featuring a design used throughout the wedding decor covered the bottom. It is topped with easy to clean marble a tailored look.  

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Of course, not only must they be good looking, they must also be functional.  We either build or rent different types of shelving or units that dress up the glassware storage. So, get creative, it doesn’t have to be just a table with a white polyester linen on it. Also, fun details like bar menus are a great idea to consider.

photo by Ryan Ray

One of our most liked bar comes from a wedding here in Charleston. We favor a large square bar, because it’s approachable from many different sides. And, covering the front in custom printed fabric from the wedding printing adds major decor. A sleek marble on top gives it a elegant finish. And, a floral topped glass storage unit takes this bar to an over the top design moment. We also add custom lamps hanging from the trees, which sway along with the spanish moss. This was a focal point for the cocktail hour.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

At this summer time coastal wedding, live greens and florals create a statement bar. The couple’s name is spelled in fresh blooms on one of the reception bars. Then, ombre rose panels add a wow element.

photo by Liz Banfield

Our bride loves the wall mural at the famed Bememlmen’s Bar from the Carlyle Hotel in New York. So, we created our interpretation and had it printed on fabric to cover the bottom of this oval bar. It’s topped with custom cut copper.  Definitely a reception showstopper!

Anne Rhett Photography

Using fresh greenery foraged or native to your locale is also a favorite. The top photo shows a reception bar in a tented affair in Atlanta, Ga. A live climbing vine was used to give an airy look to the bar. And, for a wedding in Jamaica large palm fronds provide an easy breezy look.