Eat and Be Merry

photo by Ryan Ray

Displaying food at a party requires a level of thought and an eye for detail. Beyond just does it taste good. Such as, will it effectively and efficiently feed the people it needs to? Can it be pretty or can we make it into a detail? I think these strawberry trees fit the bill, don’t you?

photo by Corbin Gurkin

One of the hardest things to constantly make look great is seafood. The key to not only making it look good, is to make it easy to access for guest. Oysters are served on the half shell, already separated. Shrimp cocktail is already on plates, so that guests can simply grab and go. Lemon slices and small sauce are small but needful details. Since, this was during cocktail hour, it had to be lovely. So, we had flowers frozen into our ice sculpture to create a stunning centerpiece.

photos by Ryan Ray

For an at home wedding, who enjoy their coffee and donuts in the a.m., what could be better than their very own coffee shop? Guests get coffee, have some conversation, and the Krispy Kreme donuts are fresh and hot.

photo by KT Merry

For a cocktail hour display, a bountiful offering accessible on all sides for guests is a fabulous option and can also be a beautiful showpiece.

photo by Aaron and Jilian, Gayle Brooker, Ryan Ray

Here, a new detail that came out of Covid times that I am loving. Glass cloches are not only pretty and unexpected, they keep germs, bugs, and weather away from yummy food items.

photo by Norman and Blake

Dessert doesn’t need to be served at the table anymore. It takes too much time away from dancing and having fun. So, it’s the perfect piece to pull away and use as a detail, or fun “station” after dinner. And, for warmer months, or climates, what is better than an ice cream bar? Of course, we dress up the industrial carts with custom signage and fabric details. And display toppings to be cute!

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Our bride saw a whimsical woodsy dessert station and just had to have her own! Different tiers and trays are covered with varying flora and fauna, and fairy lights just look so pretty in the photos!

photos by Liz Banfield

And, for a spectacular champagne and cake display… We created a greenery wall for the glasses with our signature Soiree orchid. A bartender is there to pour champagne on demand. And, how about the suspended platform for another beautiful Jim Smeal cake?