Soiree Signatures

photo by Ryan Ray

You know we like to share all of our pretty designs. But, did you know we have several “signatures” that we also like to surprise our clients with? One we have been doing for quite awhile, is in our flower presentation. Early on in my career, I shadowed a very big name in the biz at the time. And, I was shocked when the bouquets (which I’m sure cost a fortune), were just left in their getting ready room in the ugly cardboard boxes they arrive in from the grower! So, an idea is born! I had to present flowers as pretty as they we make them. Our boutonnieres come with handwritten tags on a beautiful trays. And, we have recently started presenting our bouquets in a version of our new May Cabas baskets.

Left photo by Corbin Gurkin

Also, a nice touch many of our brides like to do for their wedding party, is have the ladies monograms embroidered on their bouquet ribbons. And, I love to wrap all of my bridal bouquets in vintage ribbon from my collection or that I source specifically for them.

photo by Liz Banfield

Another one of our longest running ‘Soiree Signatures” is the orchid in the champagne glass. Dendrobium orchids are food safe, and just add the simplest little detail to a glass of classic champagne. Of course, served on beautiful trays, or with custom printed tray liners, they make an even more lasting impression. And, when possible we add custom embroidered aprons, or bow ties for our servers. All part of a complete look.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

I’m also all in when it comes to service. So, I always request the maximum amount of servers and bartenders. That way there is never a line at the bar. Or dirty glasses and plates everywhere. We like our seated dinners as short as possible, AND knocked out of the park!

Left photo by Ryan Ray; Right photo by Jose Villa

And, speaking of bars, we are definitely known for designing some spectacular bars. For example, this large square bar is not only a focal point, but allows guests to approach from all sides. The other bar is not only lovely, but creates a natural wall between cocktail hour and the reception.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Also, our lighting figures have found themselves to be one of our signatures by happen stance. We love creating dramatic but effective and ambient lighting, whether it be in our tents, over our dance floors, or even in outdoor cocktail lounges. So much so, that I designed these fixtures myself and had them made!

photos by Anne Rhett

Our “party packs” continue to be a huge hit. After the wedding RSVP’s start arriving, a pack of invitations and information regarding the other weekend events goes out. We also like to include our attire tags. Guests, can use these to hang on corresponding ensembles for each party.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Another big hit we love is having some of the bands’ horn players lead guests from dinner into dancing. This is a huge hit because it’s unexpected. And, it gets people up out of their seats and onto that dance floor. If you have ever been to any of our events, we’d love to hear what your favorite Soiree Signature is.