New Tastes for the Summer

photo by Jose Villa

So many wedding details, stay classic or “traditional” over the years. But, one thing I’m thankful that is always evolving is wedding food. Remember just not too long ago when we had dry chicken or some type of fish on a plate? Well, now we can have top of the line restaurants with waiting lists like Blue Hill at Stone Barns preparing fabulous meals.

photo by Nikki Stone

And, no one can deny the positive effect the “farm to table” culinary movement has had on the events and catering world. For a summer meal in Charleston, local peaches are grilled as part of a salad course also featuring fresh seasonal figs.

photo 1, 2 by Corbin Gurkin, 3 by Elizabeth Messina

Of course, with food options evolving and growing, our design process does as well. Here, we can’t have just your typical old ice sculptures from the 80’s. Flowers frozen in ice for a spring garden wedding, for example. Or, for a family in the agricultural business, slices of watermelon add a fun touch.

photo by Ryan Ray

How is this for a fruit display?

photo by Corbin Gurkin

And, with charcuterie boards at their peek, Cru Catering puts on a display like no one else!

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Also, don’t forget appetizers. Always trying to present them in a new way, or a beautiful thoughtful way. Like this “caprese” salad that needs no utensils. Or, the cutest lamb meatballs in their own cast iron skillets? All from Cru Catering.

photo by Norman and Blake

And, do not forget to focus on dessert. People are very picky about their ice cream, so make sure they have all the options!