Why Hire a Planner?

Photo by Norman and Blake

You are engaged! Of course, WE think hiring a planner is a must, but, if you are on the fence still, here are just a few reason that we think you should consider.

photos 1-3 by Corbin Gurkin; photo 4 by Christian Oth Studio

First and foremost, a planner can help you finalize or decide on a venue. Many planners have a rolodex (or whatever digital version there is these days) of all of the venues they have been to over the years. Who works best, what the options are, what fits the budget, and what could work with your vision. Maybe it’s a more under the radar one you aren’t thinking of. And, they can also help manage all of that fine print in the contracts for you.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Also, planners help keep you on schedule. When do those save the dates need to go out? What about your guest list, and some even help keep track of RSVP’s for you. And, having another set of eyes on all of the details can never be a bad thing.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Of course, one of the best places that planners pay for themselves is in the vendor management. We can help find you the best caterer to pull off your vision, and working trimming the menu in strategic spots when budget calls. Finding the photographer whose personality and deliverables meets your needs. And, one of the most important ones for us is the music. Who is going to keep your guests dancing all night and not play cheesy line dancing or songs you can’t stand? Your planner!

photo by Corbin Gurkin

One thing that brides seem to struggle the most with is their timeline. Not only the planning process timeline, but also on the day of. If all of the girls need hair and make up, when do you need to start in order to get to the ceremony on time? Or, when will the lighting change affecting your photos, etc? Having someone keep you on time and on track is a value on it’s own. And, managing all of the vendors and their arrival is key to the wedding day success.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

A planner can also be in places you can’t. For example, the sheer undertaking of delivering welcome bags everywhere the guests are staying a sheer feat! We often use this to determine where transportation needs to go, if you are offering that service for your guests.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

I can’t say this enough, but managing your weather contingencies on wedding week/day is beyond enough reason to hire a planner. If you reserved that “back up” tent, and don’t need it, your planner will make sure it gets cancelled so you don’t end up paying! Or, if god forbid, that tropical storm changes track, a planner will manage that stress for you.

photo by Dana Cubbage

All in all, of course, we think a planner is one of the must haves for your wedding. But, there are many scopes of wedding planners. Day or week of, Full service, and even full service planning and design, which we are. Find a planner that you mesh with and see if they can help you work out your budget in order to pay for themselves. Sleeping better at night when planning your wedding, does help make it truly the best day of your life.