Pretty Palettes

photo by KT Merry
photo by KT Merry

Wedding color palettes can change as quickly as wedding dress trends. They are influenced by the season, the location, and of course different clients’ style. So, we are sharing some palettes that may be unexpected, but we think have some pretty results.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Another fall look incorporates green and copper. The creamy balance keeps it from coming off too dark. And, since many natural elements represent this palette we have so many options for design. Here, wooden chargers offset ivory lace plates. Leather, linen, velvet, burlap, natural greens, and seagrass all bring this palette together in a polished way.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

Natural shades offset with white is still a huge look. White of course screams wedding, but contrasting it creatively keeps it from being a bore. Designing an all white tabletop can be a challenge. Here our seagrass chargers give a layer between a white linen and china. And, we added another pop of color with some Estelle Colored glass coupes. Seagrass carpeting, lighting, and a custom jute covered bar give dimension in the white lounge for after dinner.

photo by KT Merry
photos by Gayle Brooker

Cheery poppy palettes are having a hey day also. Shades of orange and coral pop off of pastels, and neutrals like white and natural. Also, bringing in different shades of greys can act as a neutral or blending color.

photos by Norman and Blake

We’ve been seeing and saying this for years, but blue is a surprising versatile neutral. For this summer wedding by the shore, ocean blue anchors pops of brights and pastels. And, of course, offers a nod to the locale.

photo by Megan Kay Photography

Here, blue (always a favorite) serves as our base for a fall rehearsal dinner with deeper red tones. And, with warmer wooden accents, and gold tones, the palette comes together with an unexpected richness. We love using colored glassware to incorporate color as well.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

For this moody fall rehearsal dinner, neutral pastels come together with bold jewel tones. Fall months offer so many different options for floral design, leaves and plants can be brought in for color, not just flowers.