Brides Just Want to Have Fun

photo by Liz Banfield

One thing we consistently hear from our clients after their big day is how MUCH FUN they have at our weddings. And, one of the reasons we hear from clients early on about why they hire us, is how much fun they think we are. We also get many new brides from a past wedding because of how much fun that wedding was. Point being, we love to plan fun events, to see our clients and their friends and families have fun, and we have fun doing it.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Of course, most of the time it appears fun is had by all on the dance floor, but it’s not just there. We want the entire experience to be fun. From the planning, to our meetings and tastings, to the wedding itself. Even developing a timeline for the evening that ensures the couple can soak it all in is important.

photo by Gayle Brooker

For some clients, who are avid football fans, fun includes football along with a wedding. So, we accept the challenge by creating a super chic fun football lounge next to the dance tent.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

And, for some the fun part is the fashion. Many of our brides change into a new outfit that really lets them boogie freely. A shorter dress, maybe one in a different color, of here, even a fabulous romper.

photos by KT Merry
Photos by Corbin Gurkin

Of course, one of the most consistent “fun” requests we still get from clients, are after parties! Sometimes they are in the same location, and we design them as a reveal guests can attend later. Other times, they are in a different location allowing for a bit of a transition. Above, guests changed into pajamas or comfy clothes for an PJ after party!

photo by Corbin Gurkin

But, back to dancing. One of the little things that always seems to be such a hit is our dance floor “flair”. We love finding little things like boas, light up sunglasses, tambourines etc. that we can pass out during the dancing. People go crazy for it, and it’s always fun in the photos later.

photo by Ryan Ray

Some clients just know how to have fun all the way around. After our mother of the bride snow angeled on her lovely white carpeted reception tent, she joinsher daughter on stage to dance with the band! Whatever your wedding night looks like, please remember, JUST HAVE FUN.