Mini is In-y

photo by Liz Banfield

Recently, we posted about what will be in and out for 2024 weddings. Mini items are a big wedding trend in 2024. We love the mini trend for years, so we are excited to come up with many new concepts. For this destination wedding, Lettered Olive designed pocket sized guest booklets so guests could carry them with them for quick reference.

photo by KT Merry

Another option in the wedding paper family to consider doing in mini are your ceremony programs. It’s unexpected and can be very chic while also saving money. We hate when we see all of the programs left behind, but with cute little ones that can tuck in a purse or pocket, we think guests will want to keep them more.

photo by KT Merry

Mini bouquets? Yes, please. Oversized, lush, even cascading bouquets have had their heyday. And, for brides, still have their place. But, for wedding party nosegay sized arrangements are petite and sweet. You could even opt for another trend we are seeing, which are bouquets containing only greenery.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Of course, the obvious area where mini works is in the food! And, so many ways to make it cute! Above, for a coursed menu, no one wants a big huge soup bowl. So, individual portions in espresso cups make a much nicer presentation, and don’t go overboard stuffing people.

photos by Ryan Ray

For us, we really like to do it up mini style in the cocktail options and late night foods. Here, at cocktail hour, the groom’s favorite – burgers and brews are paired and served together in mini portions. Then, the bride’s favorite of tacos and tequila are paired and passed. And, mini grilled cheese are served with shots of tomato soup, LOVE. The combinations are endless for this. More ideas here. We can’t wait to see all of the ways people find to incorporate the mini trend in 2024.