Pretty Printing Roundup

photo by Anne Rhett

Wedding season is in full swing, which means guests everywhere are getting some pretty mail right now. So, today, we are sharing some of our favorite custom wedding invitations and pretty printed pieces from some of our recent events. Lettered Olive, letterpress stationeer and Soiree’s sister company, is beyond talented. And, being so closely involved with our clients and their visions from the very beginning really comes through in the finished product. LO (as we like to call them) uses everything from favorite works of art, favorite places, the location of the event, fabric designs, etc to create custom pieces like monograms, watercolor images, and beyond. See more from this wedding.

photo by Anne Rhett

Here, one thing we created for our clients are what we call garment tags. These arrive to guests after they have RSVP’d and correspond to the different events throughout the weekend. Then, as guests unpack, they can hang these on each hanger that matches the outfit packed for the event. Making getting dressed quick and easy.

Layering patterns, colors, shapes and fonts and doing it well is one of LO’s specialties. There is always a union amongst the pieces. Even if subtle, these are details that guests will surely notice.

Of course, a guest and Soiree favorite, the wedding welcome gifts. We always try to use locally sourced items and come up with pieces that work with the overall feel of the weekend. And, never sleep on cute but unexpected containers. We have many favorites such as LLBean tote bags, zipper dry bags (especially at many of our coastal destinations), and custom boxes. See more here.

Here, elements from the wedding invitation come into the dinner menus using the combination of fonts, color, and edging design.

photos by Greg Finck

Of course, a wedding in Paris deserves all the stops. From lovely letterpress to a diecut gate design sealed with a key and crest!

photo by Greg Finck
photo by Anne Rhett

And, this is one of my favorite examples for those whose design falls on the more traditional side. The script is so lovely, and the imagery while subtle, does add some nice flair. We aim to create pieces that get guests excited from the minute they open their mailbox to the end of the evening!